Personal Training Testimonials

I have been very lucky to have trained some great clients and below are a few testimonials based on their experience of being trained by me.

Claudia: Training for health reasons

Claudia before the full weight loss training.

Claudia before the full weight loss training.

“Suffering from an ongoing and long term problem with my lungs, I take steroid medication on a semi regular basis. As you can imagine this has played havoc with my weight. That said, over the past five years I have trained with Dee; despite several hospital admissions I have maintained my fitness and the medics all agree this helps with my recovery. Following a hospital admission in May 2010, Dee and I have continued to work on my cardiovascular fitness. In 5 months I have lost the best part of four stone, in October 2010 we tackled the Kingston Breakfast Run; 8 miles – wow! Currently, we are working on my speed and a half marathon in February! I know that my illness will not go away – I also that Dee will not be going away either; she is always there to pick up the pieces! It is hard work but if I can do it, ANYBODY CAN DO IT! So give it a go.”

Phil: Training for fitness

“I have been training with Dee for 5 years now. I initially started out with one fitness session per week but got hooked and after a year, moved up to two sessions a week. Dee has a wide range of equipment in her gym – including a rowing machine, treadmill, cross-trainer, cycling machine and my favourite, the stepper. You certainly know where your hamstrings are once you’ve been on the stepper! Dee is 100% committed to improving the fitness of her clients and she plans each session carefully in advance.

When I started working with Dee I was in my mid-forties and had not taken part in any fitness training since school. I am so glad I took the plunge as the health benefits and feeling of well-being generated by regular exercise are enormous. And Dee is a tremendously enthusiastic and supportive trainer.”

Mark: Training for fitness and health

“After training with Dee for only a few weeks I quickly realised I had wasted a lot of time, effort and money pursuing my goals in the souless gymnasiums which dominate the modern fitness landscape. Working on a one to one basis with someone as knowledgeable and motivated as Dee has produced transformational results and has provided the focus for a healthy lifestyle . Increased stamina has been matched by significant muscle gain. There is no doubt Dee works her clients hard but the end product is certainly worth the effort.”

Shelley: Training for fitness and toning

“I started training with Dee with the aim to improve my fitness levels, tone and learn more about exercise. Over the weeks, Dee has helped me to achieve all of these things, all the time being supportive, encouraging, yet firm! She has made our sessions enjoyable and fun. Dee’s gym is spacious and well equipped and is a nice place to work out. She has helped me to compile a plan in order for me to work out independently in between sessions. I would recommend Dee and encourage anyone to give it a go!”