My Gym

My Personal Training Gym



My gym combines the best of commercial gym equipment within a home working environment. The result is a fantastically flexible and advanced personal training gym available for all of my clients. It also means you can work out in a focused and private environment without limiting yourself due to ineffective home based equipment.

Working out in a home environment also allows for easier access to training outside, whether it is doing sprints and shuttle runs in the garden or building up your road running endurance in the surrounding neighbourhood – all with a motivating female personal trainer to help you reach your goals.

The gallery below shows the main pieces of equipment we have available to use when you book your training session. All of the equipment is simple, I am of course fully qualified to teach you how to use it properly, and I will guide you through safe and proper use before we get into any serious training on more complex equipment.


Equipment You Can Find In My Personal Training Gym

Cross Trainer
Rowing Machine
Sci-Fit Machine
Full Life Fitness Cable Machine (weights)
Free Weights

If you’d like to visit my gym, please take a look at my very competitive pay per session rates and contact me to book a session today!