Getting Started on Health & Fitness

You have made the first step on your journey to improve your health and fitness just by reading this blog post.  The first few weeks of starting any health or fitness regime of eating healthily and going to the gym or working out at home are always the hardest. It will take you a few days to get yourself into habits of eating healthily and exercise.

Changing your exercise plan and eating healthy is a whole lifestyle change that most people find challenging and find themselves giving up and going back to their old ways. This is why it important to get yourself into a routine and create a plan for you to follow every day. This will help you to stay on target and reach your goal.

There are lots of different things you can do that will help you to stay on track when you are starting out on any new fitness regime.

Set yourself realistic goals

You will need somewhere to aim, whether that is losing weight, building muscle or toning, you will need to set yourself realistic goals that you can reach over a realistic amount of time.  If you set yourself a goal that is too big to reach over a small amount of time, you may find that you do not reach your target, give up and end up starting back at square one where you started.

Set yourself a small goal to begin with and then gradually increase your goals as you accomplish each one.

Track what you are eating and eat the right foods.

Eating the right types of food and eating the right amount of food is a key part to any diet. Having a healthy diet will give you the nutrients you need and the energy to do exercise and activities throughout the day.  Too much of the wrong types of food can counter-act all the hard work you put in over the week.

Enjoy whatever you do

When anyone starts a new regime, it can be difficult to get into a routine that you stick to and one that you enjoy. If you do something you do not enjoy, you will always find other things to do, eat things you shouldn’t and not do the exercise that you have planned to do. Set yourself a plan that you will enjoy and want to do rather than things you see as a chore. You are more likely to reach your target goals when you want to do exercise rather than when you don’t.

Grab a fitness buddy

When you train alone, you may find you take longer to achieve your goals unless you have the will power to stay on track at all times.

Having a fitness partner will help to challenge you and get you both to your goals together. Training with someone else and keeping to a time table with that person will make sure that you do your exercise regularly and help to keep you on track. Working out with someone else will make it a bit more interesting and fun rather than a workout on your own.  Personal trainers are perfect for this reason. They help you to reach your goal, make you challenge yourself and give you boost when you need it most.

Want a fitness partner? Find me, a female personal trainer in Banstead to be your fitness buddy and we can get you on your way to healthier and fitter you.

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