About Me

Female Personal Trainer Surrey

Welcome to my personal training website. I am Dee (hence Dee’signerBodies.co.uk) and I would like to introduce myself to you.

Dee’ signerbodies the person:

I am a mature woman who believes that you should make the most of life by taking care of your body and enjoying it to the full. I enjoy a nice wine and a chocolate truffle (or two!) and I do not see why I should miss out on these little luxuries, as long as I do regular exercise. This is the same philosophy I apply to my work. Exercise is about achieving your goals and still being able to enjoy life and make the most of every opportunity.

Why I became a Personal Trainer:

It was my ex-personal trainer who first encouraged me to get my personal training qualifications and work with him. He felt that I had the right attitude, determination and was in good physical condition. I was looking for a more flexible career and thought it was a good way to combine work and exercise, in my life.

Where we can train:

My gym is based in Banstead, Surrey with a variety of professional equipment available to train on with expert guidance. I will tailor your fitness regime and the equipment you use to suit the goals you want your body to achieve.