A Personal Training Gym For That Personal Touch!

There’s something about those massive corporate gyms that makes your entire workout feel a bit soulless. It’s almost like there’s no warmth or atmosphere. It’s a bland and sterile exercise experience that doesn’t do much to motivate or inspire you to your fitness goals.

A nice warm and homely atmosphere is one of the main benefits of my personal training gym, with a wide variety of commercial gym equipment that rivals any high street gym. Privacy is also a fantastic benefit, with a private environment you can focus on your workout guided by a friendly female personal trainer dedicated to getting you to fitness.

With a dedicated personal trainer, you can get a level of care and knowledge of your fitness levels that would not be experienced at a bigger gym where multiple trainers might give you a session at different times. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that your trainer knows what they are doing at Dee’signer Bodies, just have a look at my qualifications.

I have a number of YMCA qualifications including Circuit Trainer Level 2, Gym Trainer Level 2, Advanced Gym Instructor Level 3 and Exercise Nutrition Level 3 – which gives me a great insight into what will work best for you, and allows me to give you the best advice based upon your own personal needs.

Getting a specialised treatment at a high street gym can be difficult to organise, and quite costly. One of my areas of specialisation is sports rehabilitation and as a qualified Doctors’ Referral Personal Trainer I can easily incorporate elements of rehabilitation into your workout – for a smooth recovery.

The costs of visiting a personal training gym such as the one at Dee’signer Bodies is very competitive and fairly priced, and you only pay per session – which is a fantastic and flexible way of doing things, and there are no add-on membership fees or sign-up costs.

Make sure to check out the Dee’signer Bodies Blog for the latest news and updates. If you have any questions about any of the services available at Dee’signer Bodies, or you would like to know more – please feel free to get in touch!

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